[a•mo•bee] Completes Acquisitions of Adconion Direct and Kontera to Offer Cross Channel Digital Marketing Technology Platform and Solutions

Under unified [a•mo•bee] brand, company offers end-to-end technology platform and solutions for marketers, agencies, publishers and operators on a global scale
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singapore, Singapore and Foster City, California – September 16, 2014 - [a•mo•bee], the company defining digital marketing, announced today the completed acquisitions of Adconion Direct and Kontera Technologies, Inc. (Kontera), and the successful integration of all three companies under the [a•mo•bee] brand. [a•mo•bee] now uniquely offers marketers, agencies, publishers and operators the most advanced cross channel digital marketing technology platform and solutions with powerful intelligence at its core.

The worldwide digital ad spend will increase 16.7% in 2014, totaling over $140B and surpassing 25% of all media ad spend (eMarketer). With Adconion Direct’s expertise in cross channel digital marketing and Kontera’s unique digital marketing intelligence technology, [a•mo•bee] is well positioned to lead the global digital marketing space by offering marketers the most effective way to reach, engage and retain customers on a global scale.

Kontera Brand Intelligence, now [a•mo•bee] Brand Intelligence, analyzes the world’s content consumption patterns to produce real-time and historical intelligence, across mobile, web and social. The unique data, scale and analysis accessible through [a•mo•bee] Brand Intelligence allows marketers to measure and benchmark their brands, to discover untapped marketing opportunities, and to inform marketing strategy and tactics.

Adconion Direct’s cross channel marketing capabilities in display, video, email and social are now coupled with [a•mo•bee]’s mobile expertise and programmatic technology platform, enabling scale, sophistication and efficiency across all devices. The [a•mo•bee] DSP SaaS platform now offers these combined capabilities, and will significantly increase advertisers’ ability to maximize their budgets for ultimate campaign impact.

[a•mo•bee]’s digital marketing platform and technology, including [a•mo•bee] DSP, [a•mo•bee] Exchange, [a•mo•bee] 3D, [a•mo•bee] LTV and [a•mo•bee] DMP, with over 800 Million unique profiles, enable its customers to run targeted cross device digital marketing campaigns on a global scale with unparalleled ROI.

“The acquisitions of Kontera and Adconion Direct will solidify [a•mo•bee]’s differentiated global position in the digital marketing technology space,” said Allen Lew, CEO, Group Digital L!fe and Chairman of [a•mo•bee]. “The combined technology capabilities and the expertise of [a•mo•bee]’s leadership team will enable the company to transform digital marketing.”

“In the fast growing digital marketing space, data and technology are game changers. By integrating Kontera and Adconion Direct into [a•mo•bee], we are now in the best position to lead the market with innovative, data-driven digital marketing technology,” said Mark Strecker, CEO of [a•mo•bee]. “With [a•mo•bee]’s world-class leadership team and deep technology expertise, we now have the essential ingredients for [a•mo•bee]’s next phase of growth.”

“By unifying Adconion Direct and Kontera under the [a•mo•bee] brand, we are now providing our customers with comprehensive digital marketing technology and solutions that enable them to connect and engage with consumers in highly measurable ways across all channels and devices,” said Kim Reed Perell, President of [a•mo•bee]. “I am extremely passionate about [a•mo•bee]’s collective future.”

“The explosion of data continues to be an important catalyst of the growing digital marketing space,” said Yoav Shaham, Head of Data at [a•mo•bee]. "Combining the technologies of [a•mo•bee], Kontera and Adconion Direct, will allow us to offer our clients an even more robust Brand Intelligence platform to create effective marketing strategy.”

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[a•mo•bee] is the company defining digital marketing. The company offers marketers, agencies, publishers and operators an innovative digital marketing technology platform and solutions. The [a•mo•bee] platform enables its customers to run data-driven, targeted, cross channel digital marketing campaigns with unparalleled ROI on a global scale. [a•mo•bee] is a division of Singtel's Digital L!fe Group, which is focused on creating new digital growth engines to delight customers and disrupt adjacent industries. [a•mo•bee] operates across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

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