expressor software Helps Jumpstart the Development of Teradata-Based Solutions

Monday, November 21, 2011

Combination of Teradata Express and expressor Studio Provides a Simple Data Warehousing Solution for Operational Data Sources.

expressor software, the leading provider of simplified data integration software, announced a product initiative aimed at further simplifying the development of expressor and Teradata Express high-performance analytical database applications based on a diverse set of operational data sources. To learn more about the solution, including demo videos, software downloads and installation instructions, visit

Teradata Express is a free developer version of the Teradata Database that runs on Windows, Linux, and Amazon EC2. expressor Community Edition is an easy-to-use, free Windows desktop ETL tool that allows users to quickly extract, transform, and load data into Teradata Express on any hardware platform. The combination of these two developer tools provides a powerful data integration and database development platform for data warehousing and other analytical BI applications.
One of the biggest challenges people face is figuring out how to get data loaded into their database in order to begin using it for analysis and development. Data can exist in a variety of different formats and originate from many different source systems. With expressor, not only can the data be quickly read in and loaded, anomalies and other quality issues can be easily addressed as well.
“We have been partnering with Teradata for several years now and are excited to collaborate with them on this latest initiative,” said Bob Potter, CEO of expressor software. “We believe there is excellent synergy between our technologies and see huge opportunities to provide affordable, high-performance data warehousing and BI solutions to joint customers and prospects worldwide.”
To visit the new expressor microsite and learn more about expressor and Teradata Express, please follow this link.
About expressor
At expressor software, we’re simplifying data integration by providing software that is easy to use, powerful, and affordable—enabling organizations to accomplish more with fewer resources. We dramatically simplify the vast majority of basic data integration tasks—making it far easier to map and move data from one location to another. And, when data integration becomes more complicated—requiring various types of data transformations—we help make data integration and ETL projects more flexible and efficient by enabling the creation and subsequent reuse of powerful artifacts, configurations, and business rules. This means that when a complex business data challenge is solved once, the solution can be reused.
expressor has a rapidly growing community of 14,000 unique expressor Studio download users. Leading organizations such as SKECHERS USA, American Tower, Viverae, Western World, LABVANTAGE, and BHI Energy have adopted expressor’s affordable data integration platform for server deployment to help them integrate on-premises and cloud data sources with their business critical applications.
expressor software is headquartered in Burlington, MA. For more information, please visit our website at