Certeon aCelera makes using Big Data, Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Applications on Amazon Cloud fast and easy

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Certeon, the application performance company, today announced that Certeon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have combined the power of the cloud with revolutionary performance optimization. Certeon and Amazon combine to deliver a powerful, cloud-optimized platform and access gateway that enable fast, reliable, secure, and simple access to the public cloud. Certeon aCelera transforms the cloud into an extension of the data center by eliminating the barriers to enterprise-class cloud deployments.

In his recent research note Managing Network Performance of Cloud-Based Applications, Gartner analyst Eric Siegel observed that "Cloud computing is a hot topic, and the performance of the network is a critical factor in user satisfaction," and that "Network performance is a key component of the total performance of cloud-based applications." Mr. Siegel concluded, "If the application or network can't be redesigned, WAN performance optimization can make the difference between useable and useless."

Certeon aCelera features the scale, speed and simplicity enterprise applications need and also includes integrated cloud-intelligent features like wan bridging, on demand security and a profile based configuration management system. When combined with the elasticity and subscription pricing model of AWS, organizations can easily install and scale within AWS' Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environments.

Certeon's AWS solution: Available September 14, 2012

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For additional information about applications in the cloud download "The Application Delivery Handbook" by Jim Metzler.

Certeon aCelera for Amazon Web Services Cloud

Enables accelerated and optimized Amazon Cloud region to region connections

Accelerates and secures Internet connections to AWS hosted applications form regional, branch and any distributed office or personnel

Improves cloud-hosted application performance without worries about geographical regions (Office, SharePoint, ERP, Exchange, ECM, CAD etc.)

Optimizes moving large chunks of data (Large Database, VMs, Files, Images, etc...) and backing up more quickly & more often while reducing bandwidth requirements

About CerteonCerteon's award-winning software helps enterprises eliminate traditional network constraints and accelerates application performance providing LAN-like experience when using applications and/or data from branch offices, data centers and the cloud. Certeon's platform is specifically built for virtualized environments; is both hypervisor and hardware agnostic and can also run on Windows Server. These capabilities provide unmatched performance; scalability and flexibility - while allowing organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure - and future proof their IT investment. Whether your initiative is virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, or disaster recovery Certeon can help. Founded in 2004, Certeon is a private company backed by Sigma Partners, RRE Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners. More information can be found at

SOURCE Certeon, Inc.