Kaminario Accelerates Application Performance at Leumi

K2 dramatically improves private-banking and monetary divisions’ applications’ run time
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

K2 dramatically improves private-banking and monetary divisions’ applications’ run time
NEWTON, Mass. — April 26, 2011 — Kaminario, a leading provider of high-performance SSD storage for accelerating critical business applications, today announced that Leumi has selected the Kaminario K2 storage appliance to dramatically improve the performance of its critical banking applications. Leumi is the largest financial institution in Israel, with more than 13,500 employees, over $93B under management, 270 branches in Israel, and 78 branches and offices worldwide.
Leumi chose Kaminario’s K2 to accelerate its banking applications, allowing the bank to better serve its customers. Leumi improved the efficiency of these applications by eliminating long wait times for disk I/O.

Kaminario K2 accelerates updates for the private-banking division
After comparing Kaminario’s K2 high performance storage appliances with other storage array solutions, Leumi chose Kaminario’s K2 for its outstanding performance and the ease and transparency of installation. The Kaminario K2 was installed within one day without changing Leumi’s application. Kaminario K2 was able to speed up the application performance by five to 11 times.

Kaminario K2 boosts data processing for the monetary division
More than 90% of the monetary division’s data is revised daily. It is required by Leumi to compute and process profit/loss from capital activities. This will provide the company’s internal business processes and users with the most accurate information. The Kaminario K2 ran the critical initial step, which releases data to other services in the bank, 10 times faster, enabling the entire update process to be five times faster than the original run time.
“Our private-banking and monetary divisions’ application processes were extremely I/O-intensive, and we needed to accelerate them in order to improve the service to our business and customers,” said Mr. Itzhak Malach, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Operations, Information Systems and Administration at Leumi. “The Kaminario K2 appliance provided us with a fast and easy-to-deploy solution to optimize our applications, saving us valuable time and money while helping us to improve services to our customers.”
The Kaminario K2 appliance dramatically reduces storage latency and waits, and it performs consistently under heavy loads. Kaminario K2 has no single point of failure, so it maintains operational status and data availability. Kaminario K2’s industry-standard off-the-shelf components make it easy to install and maintain, reducing operations, maintenance and service costs.
“Leumi moved its most I/O-intensive applications to the Kaminario K2 and immediately realized its powerful optimization capabilities,” said Gareth Taube, VP Marketing at Kaminario. “Companies that process and update critical data overnight need to consider moving their most critical business applications to the highest-performance enterprise storage solution on the market today, the Kaminario K2.”

About Kaminario
Kaminario K2 high performance SSD storage eliminates I/O bottlenecks to accelerate critical business applications. Kaminario uses off-the-shelf blade servers and SSD media to create a blazingly fast, highly available and easy-to-deploy distributed storage grid appliance. Driven by Kaminario’s innovative Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture™ (SPEAR), the K2 supports millions of IOPS, tens of GB/s of throughput and extremely low latency, all without compromising on high availability. The SPEAR Storage Operating System contains Automated Data Distribution™ and Intelligent Parallel I/O Processing™ that deliver record-breaking read and write performance, eliminating hot spots and bottlenecks automatically. Kaminario is a fundamentally new and better way to store and retrieve performance-sensitive data. Kaminario is simply faster. Kaminario is headquartered in Newton, Mass. To learn more, visit