Pathfinder International Selects Certeon for Global WAN Optimization Deployment at 1/20th the Cost of Other Leading Vendors

Monday, October 25, 2010

Certeon, the application performance company, today announced that Pathfinder International, a global leader in reproductive health, will deploy Certeon’s aCelera software-based WAN optimization solution across its 40 branch offices globally. Pathfinder selected Certeon over five other top industry players; Certeon’s pricing model and flexibility as a second-generation software solution set it apart.

Certeon’s aCelera is the industry’s only software-based WAN optimization solution that can be deployed cost-effectively across a company’s numerous branch offices. This was a key selling point for Pathfinder International, which is deploying Certeon at 1/20th of what it would cost with other leading industry players. With Certeon, Pathfinder pays based on costs per user, freeing Pathfinder from the expensive traditional network approach—pricing per bandwidth connections.

“We have close to 900 employees globally, across more than 40 offices in 24 countries – all of whom need access to optimized application performance,” said Ernest Ostro, Director of Information Services, Pathfinder International. “Based on research and RFP responses, with those types of numbers, we were looking at a seven-figure project with other providers.”

Another key benefit for Pathfinder is that Certeon is hardware independent and designed to run natively or in a virtual infrastructure. This gives Pathfinder the flexibility to deploy aCelera on whatever platform is most accessible in each country, and to easily upgrade equipment as available or transfer licenses as needed. It also saves Pathfinder the challenges and cost of shipping and transporting multiple pieces of hardware to and from remote areas of the world.

“It’s really exciting to be able to have a system that we can quickly implement in all our offices around the globe and instantly see significant improvements,” Ostro continued. “We’ve already seen a dramatic difference across all our applications, from finance and data to communications and file sharing. It’s what you’d expect from local performance, but on a much bigger scale and without sacrificing results. No other company has been able to offer us a similar structure or pricing.”

“One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when implementing a WAN optimization solution is finding one that’s cost-efficient enough to deploy across all branch offices, instead of a select few,” said Peter Dougherty, CEO and co-founder of Certeon. “With our flexible pricing model and software-based approach, we’re eliminating this challenge for companies, and instead, working with them to enhance and strengthen their businesses.”

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About Certeon

Certeon is the application performance company. Certeon provides a software-based WAN optimization solution, aCelera, that delivers fast and secure data transfer for any user accessing any application, on any device, across any network. Because aCelera is a second-generation solution and architected to run as a virtual appliance or as native software, it is the only solution that can provide the performance and scalability of hardware appliances at half of the cost and across the entire enterprise. Organizations use aCelera to cut IT costs, accelerate applications and cloud services, reduce bandwidth utilization, improve remote employee productivity, and speed up network backup and disaster recovery.